Skin prick test

The skin surface contains a large number of mast cells with sensitizing IgE antibodies.

Contact with allergens through skin pricks will cause the mast cells to break down, causing the skin to swell.

The skin swelling response will indicate that the patient level of response to specific IgE antibodies.

  • Results available in 15 minutes

  • Blood collection not needed

  • Test for 18 most common food and environmental allergens

  • Apparatus supplied by ALK (Denmark)

  • Stop anti-histamine medication 5 days before the test

  • Especially suitable for infants

Not suitable for the following people:

  • Infants below 6 months old

  • Diagnosed by a doctor as urticarial / hives

  • Previous experienced and/or family history of anaphylactic shock

  • Diagnosed by a doctor as asthma

  • Unstable skin condition (severe eczema)

  • Pregnant women