Skin Allergy Test for Contact Dermatitis

  • Suitable for contact dermatitis in skin care products, rubber gloves, footwears, handbags, cleaning agents, perfumes, detergents, shampoos, leather goods, and more…

  • 30 or 70 types of most common contact dermatitis allergens

  • Manufacture in Sweden by Chemotechnique

  • Certified in ISO 13485 & ISO 9001

  • Contact Allergy

    Skin patch test is an allergy test for contact skin sensitivity. It can test for allergic reactions caused by T cells. T cells are not causing sensitivity through the release of histamine, instead, it takes time of exposure to allergens to cause allergic reactions. Occupations such as hair stylists, makeup artists, jewellery makers, furniture makers, construction workers, cleaners, etc put a person in higher risk of contact dermatitis since they may frequently expose to certain contact allergens.

    Identify allergens of contact dermatitis

    After conducting the patch test, patients can clearly identify allergens that cause allergic reactions, thus avoiding products with certain ingredients.

    Skin Patch Test Procedures

    1. Attach the water-resistant stickers on the back

    2. Let the sticker contact with your skin for 48 hours.

    3. Daily activities and showering may continue.

    4. Remove the stickers after 48 hours

    5. Check the test results after 2-4 days after patch off


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