Customer Stories

Name: Mr Robert Dong

I went to consult Mr Ho for skin allergy issue and would definitely recommend him if you want to find the root cause of your allergy. Some key points I would like to emphasise is that Mr Ho had listened carefully to my allergy background without rushing and after receiving the allergy test result he had provided an extensive explanation. Plus, he genuinely had provided follow up even weeks after consulting him

Name: Miss Chan



Miss Chan have had eczema for over 10 years. Eczema had spread from joints and facial area to full body now. She underwent steroid treatments with various dermatologists and suggest her not to take seafood, peanut and egg but eczema returns after treatment had ended. She consulted numerous Chinese Medicine Practitioners who suggest her to undergo a restricted diet (no meat and seafood) for many months but symptoms didn’t improve.

Faber Allergy Test was conducted in 2017, report indicates Miss Chan is not allergic to any food but only allergic to dust mites. She was surprised but concur with the results because no matters how much food avoidance, the symptoms never disappear. After addressing and resolving her home dust mite problem, Miss Chan is now free from eczema and is able to enjoy all the food that she had previously restricted to have.

Name: Mstr Li

Age: 8


8 year old, Li, had eczema since birth. He was breastfed for 6 months and replaced with formula milk afterwards, and eczema condition improved. He later developed allergic rhinitis at age 5, and started to develop asthma at age 7.

Faber Allergy Test was conducted in 2017, report indicates Li is highly allergic to human breastmilk and dust mites. After addressing and resolving his home dust mite problem, Li’s condition had greatly improved, and his asthma was under control.

Name: Ian

Age: 6 months

Test:FCP Food

Ian had a history of eczema since switching to formula milk after breastfeeding. Ian’s parents noticed the development of eczema; therefore, switching to soy milk instead. His condition did not improve.

FCP Food test was conducted in 2018, report indicates Ian is highly allergic to cow’s milk and soy. After taking off soy in Ian’s diet and replacing milk with other substitutes, Ian’s condition was resolved.

Name: Ms. Tsang

Age: 30+

Test:Faber & Patch Test

Ms. Tsang had eczema for the past 5 years. Her condition is good at times but worsen every winter. She has been under a strict diet trying to avoid most food allergens. She underwent an IgG allergy test at a different centre, and the test showed many inaccurate and confusing results as indicated she is allergic to many foods but she never had any allergic reaction during the summer seasons.

Faber and Patch Allergy test was conducted in 2016, Faber report indicates Ms. Tsang is not allergic to any food nor inhalant allergens, but Patch report indicates she is allergic to p-phenylenediamine (PPD). PPD is often found in permanent hair dye products. Ms. Tsang routinely dyes her hair in winter. After using non-PPD hair dye products, her condition had drastically improved. More importantly, she was able to enjoy all the food she previously had avoided since she is not allergic to them at all.


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