Genetic Carrier testing
(Pre-pregnancy test)

301 genetic carrier test

12ml blood sample | USA Laboratory | Results in 3-4 weeks

Thalassemia A and B/Fragile X syndrome/Intellectual retardation and autism/Deaf/Myelogenous muscular atrophy/Cystic fibrosis/Pompe disease

What does a genetic test tell you?

To let you know the risk of genetic inheritance that may cause certain diseases in your baby

  • If both of you and your partner are not a carrier, your child likely not be inherit the disease

  • If you are the carrier but your partner is not (or vice versa), your child likely not be inherit the disease

  • If both of you and your partner are carriers, your child will have 25% of chance inherited with the disease

Although this genetics test can help you understand more about your health history and your chance of having a healthy pregnancy and baby, the result is not absolute
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Cancer genetic test

61 Cancer genetic test/ 84 Cancer genetic test

5 ml blood sample | USA Laboratory | Results in 2-4 weeks | Conducted in Mong Kok or Wan Chai centre

  • Breast and gynecology (breast, ovarian, uterine)

  • Gastrointestinal (colorectal, gastric, pancreatic)

  • Endocrine (thyroid, paraganglioma / pheochromocytoma, parathyroid, pituitary)

  • Genitourinary (renal/urinary tract, prostate)

  • Skin (melanoma, basal cell carcinoma)

  • Brain/nervous system

  • Sarcoma

  • Hematologic (Myelodysplastic Syndrome/Leukemia)

What does a cancer gene carrier test tell you?

  • Positive result = higher risk of having cancer in later stages

  • Genetic testing can confirm the diagnosis and help treatment decisions

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Brca Gene Test- Breast cancer gene test, ovarian cancer gene test

2 most common genes (brca1/2) ($3800)
53 comprehensive genes ($8000)

5ml blood sample | Result in 2-4 weeks |Conducted in Mong Kok or Wan Chai center

According to the statistics from Hong Kong Cancer Registry under Hospital Authority (HA) in 2021, there were over 35000 new cancer cases in Hong Kong in 2019, meaning that 96 people were diagnosed of cancer per day.

Brca gene testing is performed to predict the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Mutations in the Brca gene increase the risk of breast cancer or ovarian cancer.

What does a genetic test tell you?

  • Positive result = higher risk of having cancer
  • A genetic test can help to confirm diagnosis, and make treatment decisions

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Before you decide to proceed with genetic testing, we want you to have an understanding of the possible test result you may receive. You are advice to discuss with your doctors before you decided to proceed the genetic tests ... more


Health Education

你有遺傳病基因嗎?計劃生育 的你不可不知!


孩子健康成長,是父母們的必然願望,但計劃生育的你和妳,是否擔心帶有 遺傳隱性疾病基因,令下一代有機會患上「罕見疾病」,對健康構成嚴重及長期的威脅?

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5毫升血液進行癌症基因檢測,把握早期發現和治療的機會乳癌 是本港女性頭號殺手之一,僅次於肺癌和大腸癌,其復發及死亡威脅絕對不容忽視

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關於呢個問題,大家都心思思想知答案:「家族有人患癌,究竟自己有冇機會患上同一癌症,甚至會有其他 Cancer?

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