Second generation of IgE allergy test, requiring only 7-9 drops of blood sample to test for 35 food and environmental allergens. The test results will be available earliest in 1 day. This test is especially suitable for children with eczema, food allergy, or allergic rhinitis. The test is supplied by DST Diagnostics (Germany) with EU TUV / CE accreditation and ISO 9001 / ISO 13485.

Why children need an allergy test?

According to allergy research statistics, approximately 40% of children suffering from eczema (under 3 years of age) also experience food allergies. When they encounter these food allergens, their eczema condition could worsen.

The term “Allergic March” refers to the natural history or typical progression of allergic diseases that often begin early in life. These include atopic dermatitis (eczema), food allergy, allergic rhinitis and asthma.

Although not every child would experience all allergic symptoms, early detection through allergy tests can facilitate the avoidance of allergens accurately, and to prevent allergic symptoms.


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