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FaberChildren Blood Collection Centre
(Central / Tsim Sha Tsui / Macau)

Hong Kong Allergy Test Centre – Hong Kong / Macau

We provides a series of clinically proven allergy solutions, dedicated to allergy testing services and allergen prevention products. Our services and product include but not limited to IgE Blood Allergy Test -Faber/Ailergy, Skin Prick Test, Skin Patch Test and Anti-Mite Beddings. We also provide one-stop allergy solutions and allergy education, such as the application of "adrenaline auto-injector" and "allergen desensitization" concept.

History and development of allergy blood test

The latest generation of IgE allergen test CAAM Faber Faberis not easy to come by! The research began in 1983, and leading allergen molecular researchers are still conducting research at the R&D headquarters in Italy. Up till now, over 240 academic documents have been published. Faber Faber is the first and only molecular test for allergens!

(Comprehensive IgE Test)

About CAAM Faber

*Code RDM:1498039,CND,W01020204 and EMDA:12020105

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Skin Allergy Test for Contact Dermatitis

Fast Check Allergy Test

  • 2nd generation IgE allergy test
  • Pin Prick (7-9 blood drops) OR 200 ul (0.2 ml)
  • Covers 35 food + environmental inhalant allergens
  • Test results available earliest in 1 day
  • Made in Germany with TUV / CE accreditation and ISO 9001 / ISO 13485
  • Especially suitable for young patients
  • Test Supplier: DST Diagnostics

About FastCheckPOC


Skin Prick Test

  • Results available in 15 minutes
  • Skin prick test (blood collection not needed)
  • 10 most common food and dust mite allergens
  • Professional follow-up service
  • Apparatus supplied by ALK (Denmark)

Learn More About Skin Prick Test


Celiac Disease Test / Gluten Sensitivity Test ($2800)

  • Prick (5-6 drops) or 100ul (0.1ml) blood
  • Tests for 8 gluten-related allergy indicators
  • Get results in 1 working day
  • The EU recognizes TUV/CE certification and has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 international certifications.
  • Test supplied by Aeskucare Diagnostics, Germany
  • If there is a positive value, we will refer you to a gastroenterologist for follow-up and this will be included in the test fee

About Celiac Disease Test / Gluten Sensitivity Test

Anti-allergy Plan


Provide quality sleep

  • Tightly woven fabric with systemized regular pattern to prevent mite colonization
  • High air permeability
  • Hand or Machine washable using warm water (54°C)
  • Offers optimal comfort and support for a pleasant sleep

Anti Allergy Products and Services

  • Desensitization Therapy (prescribed by Physician)
  • Interior Air Purification (Business Partner: Johnson Group, Modus)
  • Anti Mould Sterilization (Business Partner: Johnson Group)
  • Air Conditioner Deep Cleaning (Business Partner: Johnson Group)
  • Natural moisturizing lotion
  • Moisturizing products for eczema

There are differences in the quality of allergy tests

The quality of allergy tests greatly depends on the antigens used. Antigens are extracted and purified from specific allergens and because the components of these antigens are unstable, a long series of steps are required to ensure standardization. Therefore, the cost of making a good "antigen" is high to ensure the accuracy of the allergy test.

The quality of the allergen & antigen producing companies in the market may vary. Consumers must choose carefully and ensure the company has a good and long history of production. More importantly, allergy tests must be supported by academic literatures.

We only use professional allergy testing products and services.

We only use professional allergy testing products and services.

Dietitian Service for Good Allergy Customers


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