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The Hong Kong Allergy Test Centre provides a series of clinically proven allergy solutions, including allergy screening tests (Faber, FastCheckPOC, i30, Patch Test, Mite Test), Sublingual Immunotherapy), anti-mite beddings, adrenaline injections, and more. Our mission is to introduce more effective and accurate allergy tests to Asia and Hong Kong.

Service Process

(Comprehensive IgE Test)

About Faber

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Faber Video

Fast Check Allergy Test

  • 2nd generation IgE allergy test
  • Pin Prick (7-9 blood drops) OR 200 ul (0.2 ml)
  • Covers 24 food allergens or 35 food + inhalant allergens
  • Test results available earliest in 1 day
  • Made in Germany with TUV / CE accreditation and ISO 9001 / ISO 13485
  • Especially suitable for young patients
  • Test Supplier: DST Diagnostics

About FastCheckPOC

FCP Video

Skin Allergy Test for Contact Dermatitis

Patch Test Video


  • 2nd generation IgE allergy test
  • Only 2-3 ml of blood sample
  • Covers 30 food + inhalant allergens
  • Test results available earliest on the same day
  • European Union approved diagnostic test (TUV / CE )
  • Test Supplier: Agnitio Diagnostic

i30 Video


  • Only 3 - 4 ml of blood
  • Screen for house dust mite
  • Test results available earliest in 1 day
  • Result is obtained in one day.

Anti-allergy Plan


  • Impermeable to particles down to the size of 6μm
  • Tightly woven fabric with systemized regular pattern to prevent mite colonization
  • No added chemicals to prevent chemical allergies
  • Hand or Machine washable using warm water (54°C)
  • Bedding Materials with PORE SIZE of 6μm can completely prevent the passage of mite and colonization.

Anti Mite Room Setup Service

Anti Allergy Products and Services

  • Eczema Wet Wrap Therapy
  • Lactase Enzyme Tablets
  • Room Air Purifying Device
    (Business Partner: Johnson Group, Modus)
  • Anti Mould Sterilization Service
    (Business Partner: Johnson Group)
  • Air Conditioner Deep Cleaning
    (Business Partner: Johnson Group)