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The Hong Kong Allergy Test Center

We are different from other allergy test centers!

The Hong Kong Allergy Test Center provides a series of clinically proven allergy solutions, including allergy screening tests, anti-mite beddings, adrenaline injections, etc... Our mission is to introduce more effective and accurate allergy tests to Asia and Hong Kong!

  • Allergy test : Faber, Fast Check, Skin Patch Test

  • Anti-mite : Mite Protex-anti-mite pillow covers, comforter covers and mattress covers

  • Epinephrine auto-injector : Prescribe by medical doctors

Hong Kong Allergy Testing Center is committed to allergy education

  • Support doctor education

  • Support public education

  • Participate in academic forums

"Accurate" allergy blood test

  • only 4 -6 ml of blood
  • Total of 150 tests
  • No need to stop any medication
  • European Union approved diagnostic test and is classified as in-vitro diagnostic device (IVD)
  • Especially suitable for patients with atopic dermatitis
  • Test performed by CAAM

The first generation of allergy test involves binding allergenic extracts to a solid phase and then incubating this with the patient’s serum, This RAST test involves dangerous radioactive materials and could only be performed in specially equipped laboratories. The second generation tests involve measuring the degree of colour change or the strength of the fluorescence to determine the quantity of bound anti-IgE antibodies.

Recent developments in allergy blood tests include the use of molecular allergens. Since a crude allergen extract contains many different proteins, only a few of which can cause an allergic reaction, binding to the irrelevant proteins often result in false positive results, the accuracy of the tests would improve. Another recent development is the multiplex assay, the amount of allergens needed is also greatly reduced, thus lowering the cost of the test. It also allows more allergens to be tested with a given amount of blood sample.

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"Fundamental" allergy blood test" allergy blood test

  • Pin Prick (7-9 blood drops) OR 200 ul (0.2 ml)
  • Cover 35 allergens
  • Obtain test result in one day
  • Made in Germany with TUV / CE accreditation and ISO 9001 / ISO 13485
  • Especially suitable for young age patients
  • Test Supplier: DST Diagnostics

FastCheck® is developed in Germany which featured in efficient, comprehensive and reliable diagnosis.


Result can be obtained in one day! Only a pin prick is needed to collect few drops of blood for screening.


FastCheck® can screen for 35 environmental/ food allergens, which represents 90% of the most common allergies covered in Hong Kong


Certified in TGA, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Skin Patch Test
(Skin allergy test for Contact Dermatitis)

  • Screen for 30 contact allergen
  • Certified in ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.
  • Manufactured in Sweden by Chemotechnique


  1. Attach the water-resistant stickers on the back.
  2. Let the sticker contact with your skin for 48 hours.
  3. Daily activities and bath can be continue.
  4. After 48 hours, remove the stickers
  5. Check the test results within 48 hours

Find out your heptens of your "contact dermatitis"

It is a well known and non-invasive test for patients with contact dermatitis. Some common allergens including skin care products, rubber, footwear, handbags, cleaning agents, perfume, laundry liquid, shampoo, leather, paper etc ...

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Mite Check

  • Only 3 - 4 ml of blood

  • Screen for house dust mite

  • Result is obtained in one day.


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